Smart Sustainable Cities - 

The UWE Bristol and Taylor’s University Collaboration


UWE Bristol and Taylor's University collaboration for Smart Sustainable Cities combines UWE’s substantial expertise and long-standing experience of smart city, green city and healthy city governance with Taylor's University’s expertise in data analytics. We are delivering a two-year programme of research and exchange to secure more effective policy making and better informed decision making based on a global evidence base regarding efficacy, efficiency of a range of tested, well documented, up-scalable and marketable urban solutions. The success and outcome of this project will serve as a model to other developing nations.


Newton Fund


This project is part of Institutional Links, a British Council programme funded under the Newton Fund.

The Newton Fund is now a £735 million fund which, through science and innovation partnerships, promotes the economic development and social welfare of partnering countries. It aims to strengthen science and innovation capacity and unlock further funding through which the UK and partner countries will build strong, sustainable and systemic relationships. It is delivered through 15 UK delivery partners in collaboration with the partner countries, and funded by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills in the UK, together with partner funders from around the world.




UWE Bristol is one of the leading public sector institutes in the UK for research and education in the fields of environment and technology. With more than 20 years of working experience on European projects, the Centres of Sustainable Planning and Environments (SPE) and Complex Cooperative Systems (CCCS) bring together a wide range of disciplines within the sustainable environment, urban planning, policy making, stakeholder & public participation and information technology. SPE covers natural and built environment including environmental management, urban and spatial planning, transport and landscape. CCCS has a track record in distributed computing - grid and cloud computing, software engineering, requirements engineering and system evaluation, business process modelling, data management, ontology engineering, data harmonization and service interoperability, workflow and service provenance, mobile sensing and pervasive computing. This breadth offers a unique opportunity for multidisciplinary research across ICT, urban governance, environmental science, transport, social science and design, business modelling and the individual disciplinary skills and knowledge combined to deliver high quality research and consultancy.

Furthermore, UWE has extensive experience in engaging with Stakeholders including end users, domain experts, city administrations, city and transport planners, environmentalists and climate experts in gathering requirements and validation of system products.

Alongside researchers from Centres of Sustainable Planning and Environments and Complex Cooperative Systems, the Smart Sustainable Cities project includes experts from UWE Bristol’s WHO Centre for Healthy Urban Environments and the Public Health and Wellbeing Research Group.


Taylor's University has been one of the top university in Malaysia, with leading research and collaboration among the academia and industry. Having rated as 5 Star in SETARA ranking and 6 Star in D-SETARA, Taylor’s University has been recognised as the leading universities in producing top graduates working in world class industries. Taylor's University has been ranked 179 (more than 20 places higher) in the second year of being listed in the annual QS Asian University Rankings 2016. Taylor's University has also been ranked no. 29 in Southeast Asia by the annual QS Asian University Rankings 2016. This tremendous achievement has proved Taylor’s University in providing a world class education for the community at large.

In Taylor’s, we believe in a culture of excellence. This culture applies to our research strategies and innovation. Taylor’s University has since obtained numerous funding locally and abroad for its research initiative. In School of Computing and IT, we have obtained a sizeable number of MOHE FRGS Grant focusing on Big Data, Healthcare and Software Design. In addition to that, the researchers from Taylor’s University are known for publishing in high impact venues, and are actively participating in research collaborative work.  







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